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About the Artist

Adrienne Day has been working as an artist for over 20 years . Her subject matter ranges from carefully rendered images of animals and the natural world to composite dream-like images that convey a sense of wonder at the complexities of life. Each piece is spurred from a thought, an event, a conversation with a friend, pondering the capricious nature of fate or odd dichotomies that inform daily life.

Day's work has been exhibited extensively across the United States and Europe at museums, galleries and cultural centers. Some of these include "19th Annual International Exhibition " at the University of Texas at Tyler "The Art Show at the Dog Show" Wichita, Kansas, "The Print Show: 4 Oklahoma Printmakers", City Arts, Oklahoma City, "The Democratic Print' at Wright State University, "The Florida National" at Florida State University, and "Oklahoma Painting Biennials" II,III, and V. Her drawings, paintings and prints are included in many public and corporate collections, including the Corcoran Gallery in Washington DC, the Haarman and Riemer Corporation of Germany, the Omniplex in Oklahoma City as well as 18 university collections.

Adrienne Day holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Oklahoma and a Masters of Fine Arts from Arizona State University.

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