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All images copyrighted by artist Adrienne Day. No copying or reproduction of images unless express written permission from the artist is given.


"Dangerous Games"

30"x42 Pastel

$900 Sold



"A Season Without Water"

30"x42" pastel



"Desert Chill"

48"x46" Pastel



These pastel drawings reflect my interest in the use of symbolic situations and objects that convey responses to events, circumstances and states of mind. The images are a combination of memories, conversations, dreams and the art-making process. The blindfolded figures are concerned with concealment and containment, while the architectural openings of doors and windows offer hope, escape and light.

"Distant Gate"

30"x42" Pastel



'Distant Voices"

30"x42" Pastel



"Dream Girl"

70"x50" Pastel



"Morning Echo"

30"x42" Pastel


"Night Vision"

42"x30" Pastel

$900 sold

"September's Dream

" 30"x42" Pastel



"Red Voice"

30"x42" Pastel


"Trouble Again"

63"x69" Pastel

$1,200 sold