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All images copyrighted by artist Adrienne Day. No image may be copied or

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"We Can Change the World: A Portrait of Dr. John Peters"

36"x48' acrylic Collection of World Neighbors, Oklahoma City

This portrait of Oklahoman Dr. John L. Peters, the founder of World Neighbors was created for the exhibition "Heros and Outlaws: 100 Oklahomans by 100 Oklahomans" in 2006. While containing his image,this piece is also concerned with the ideas that are the basis of World Neighbors. Peters suggested a program of self help, one “humbly administered, recognizing that what men need and want are not always what we think they need and want. This must be a cooperative enterprise-a sharing rather than a giving.” He and the congregation at St. Luke’s Methodist Church in OKC established World Neighbors in 1952. Their approach is unique in that it does not give away food or material aid, instead, they provides training and education so that people can gain skills and leadership to work together for change. He was twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

This painting has imagery that refer to some of the groups that World Neighbors has affected. They work with some of the most impoverished, marginalized and ecologically fragile communities in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The faces and textile patterns are representative of the many people who have been assisted through this organization. There are representations of the outcomes World Neighbors work towards: womens reproductive health and education, potable water, sustainable agriculture, community health as well as environmental and natural resource management.



"Destiny V"

30"x22" Oil on paper mounted on canvas


"East-West Journey I "

Center panel 30" tall, 46" wide -oil on canvas


"East-West Journey II"

30"x22" Oil on canvas


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WWII War Brides

The above group of paintings is a response to the oral histories

of foreign war brides of World War II. I recieved an artists project grant to work with a poet on this series. While the poet dropped out of the project, this is an on-going series that continues to develop and evolve. My mother is a World War II war bride from England, so my interest in this topic is personal.


"Prairie Visitor "

36"x 48" Oil on canvas

$1,000 sold


36"x48" Oil on canvas

$1,000 sold

'A Dream of Water '

48"x36" Oil on canvas

$1,000 sold

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The images of masks and blindfolds has always been a source of intrigue for me. They invoke a mysterious presence, whether through concealment, or the assumtion of another identity. As a symbol of obscuring vision or hiding the obvious, the blindfolds also enhance the symbolism in the work. In my earlier drawings, masks were a metaphor for barriers to understanding. In this series they have changed into other , legitimate faces that people wear to negotiate their life.


"Cat's Cradle"

20"x20" acrylic on board



12"x12" acrylic on board


"Tangram I"

12"x12" acrylic on board

$400 sold

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"Painting is an attempt to come to terms with life. There are as many solutions as there are human beings."

George Tooker