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All images copyrighted by artist Adrienne Day. No image may be copied or

reproduced without written permission from the artist.

This series of woodcuts was started in the mid 1990s and continues to the present. At the time I began making woodcuts, I was looking for ways to make prints that did not necessitate access to a printing press. Lithographs, etchings and monotypes had been the bulk of my previous printmaking experience. Even though I presently have access to printing presses and still work in both intaglio and lithography, woodcuts are now my preferred printmaking medium. It is direct, bold and low-tech. Most of these are printed by hand. They are printed on okarawa, mulberry and arches cover papers.

I am working with themes of the complementary nature of opposition, life cycles and the complexity of man's relationship to himself, the man-made world and the natural world. These prints have been included in many exhibitions including: "Group Print Exhibition" Corcoran Gallery of Art, "Positive Images of Diversity" at Austin Peay College, "Woman's Work" City Arts Center, OKC, "The Democratic Print", Wright State University, "An Artists View of Her Life: Traces of American and Polish Culture", Weslyan College, Truman College. They are included in over 19 university collections and many private collections.


50"x 30" on okarawa paper


Opposites II

24"x31" on mulberry paper



Opposites III

24"x 31" on mulberry paper



12"x12" on mulberry paper



Opposites V

24"x30" on mulberry paper


Jacob's Ladder

30"x30" on okarawa paper




18"x16" on mulberry paper


The Dance

16"x23" on arches cover