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This exchange portfolio is a group of 18 printmakers who live in Oklahoma. It was completed in July of 2007. It originated last year from a desire to see the current work of contemporary printmakers in this area. In 1996-97, I organized another Suite Oklahoma with 22 artists participating. The title comes from a recollection of Leon Russell singing of "sweet Oklahoma..." and I felt it would be a great title for the portfolio.

As a lover of the medium of prints, and the organizer of this portfolio, it has been a pleasure to work with everyone involved. It has been wonderful to see the range of work created. A beautiful clamshell box was made for participants by Portfoliobox, Inc. The paper size is 15"x20" and the image size is listed below. It is scheduled for its first exhibit at Artsplace in Ponca City in July 2007, and September/October at Las Milagros Studios in Oklahoma City, and the Lachenmeyer Arts Center in Cushing. It will be exhibited at the Leslie Powell Gallery in Lawton for November and December, and Scribners Gallery in Enid for February 2008. More venues to follow...

Some of the artists have websites that you can access by clicking on their name.

Here for snapshots of the Artsplace and Las Milagros opening


Alyson Atchison

"Have Heart, My Dear" Screenprint 13"x8"

Marc Barker

""Wonderer" intaglio,archival digital, collaged crystals 12"x9"


Joe T. Barnes

"In Tune" Etching

12 1/2" x 8 1/2"



Lynn Barnett Sparks

"Nos Sourvenirs (Our Memories)"

Solarplate with collage 9"x7"

Marwin Begaye

"Riders of the Storm" Linoleum Block


Betty Bowen


Woodblock, chine colle



Steve Cluck "Untitled"

15"x20" Screenprint


Sheryl G. Cozad "Musical Synesthesia" Woodblock print with hand coloring

8 1/2" x14 1/2"





Adrienne Day "Today"

Etching 16"x12"

Gillian Kemper "Myopia"

Solarplate with hand work 10"x10 1/2"


Katherine Liontas Warren

"A Haven of Solitude" lithograph 15"x10 1/2"

Dewayne Pass

"Trinity: Tami's Wedding" Woodblock print 10"x8"

Kathleen Rivers "Capricious Warming" Two plate intaglio with chine colle 7 1/4"x8 3/4"




Kimberlea Springer Smith

"Un simple Oiseau (Jaune)"

Solarplate, fabric, beads 20"x15"


Rob Smith ""Swedish Brain Research" Screenprint 13"x9 1/2"



Timothy R.H. Sullivan "Divus"

screenprint 20"x15"


Michael J. Wilson

"Free Will"

Screenpint and monotype 10"x15"

Betty Wood "Lagomorpha:Escape to Fantasy" woodblock print with variable collage elements

7 1/4" x 8 1/4"